Starbucks Launches New Range of Olive Oil-Infused Coffee

Starbucks is launching a new range of coffee drinks infused with extra virgin olive oil, called Oleato. The Oleato drinks will be available in Italy from Wednesday, and in the US, before launching in the UK, Japan, and the Middle East.

The range includes a cold brew and an oat milk latte. Starbucks claims that the idea for the range came from the Italian tradition. The company hopes that the infusion will create a “velvety, buttery flavor” that lingers on the palate.

Former CEO Howard Schultz inspired Oleato range after a trip to Sicily. He was impressed by the unique texture and flavor when adding olive oil to coffee. Starbucks beverage developer Amy Dilger developed a luxurious, textural experience.

Starbucks’ move follows the trend for olive oil-based drinks, which were popular on TikTok last year. Some fans claim that they have anti-inflammatory properties. The launch of Oleato comes after some Italians called for a boycott.

At the time, Schultz said that the company was not coming to Italy to teach Italians how to make coffee. But to demonstrate what they had learned with “humility and respect.” Starbucks is hoping that the Oleato range will help to change Italians’ perceptions of the brand and establish it as a serious player in the Italian coffee market.


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