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How To Lunch A Successful Google Ads Campaign That Costs You Almost Nothing! 2024 Guide

Google Ads Campaign
How To Lunch A Successful Google Ads Campaign That Costs You Almost Nothing! 2024 Guide WiseBusiness

Don’t you know? We personally succeeded in launching a Google Ads Campaign that cost us 0.01$ Per Click. Not just that but some campaigns made it much cheaper and convert way better than the ones that cost us 1$ per Click!

Google Ads Campaign
This is a screenshot from one of our Google Ads Campaigns

In today’s post, we will be bringing you one of the methods that we are using to lunch a successful Google Ads campaign. And without paying thousands of dollars to individuals that going to do it for you.

Let’s start with the secrets of launching a successful Google ads campaign.


What? Why would I do that?

Well, if you study your competitors then you will know how they bring their traffic, where this traffic comes from, and what they are using to bring that traffic!

The best service you can use to study your competitors is Similarweb.
Similarweb gives you so much out of nothing. We get surprised and blown up every time we use Similarweb to study our competitors. This tool gives you so much data about your competitors that you feel like you own your competitor’s business.

This tool will help you to find more than just one way to get traffic and sometimes it shows that your competitors are using free traffic source that gets them to what they achieved.


One of the things that are so important to think about when you are trying to make a Google Ads campaign is to make sure your website is old enough.

What we mean by that is Google’s algorithm works like this:

  • WEBSITE: Make sure your website is old enough so Google can show your campaign to users.
  • BIDDING: Outbidding your competitors is our ultimate goal here.

We mentioned this because a lot of people are starting a new business with a new domain name and a new website and they are struggling with their campaign which they are spending a lot of money but it’s not delivering or it says “Learning”

So make sure you get yourself a domain name that is already used in an old business.


Keywords are so important to make a successful Google ads campaign.

For our campaigns on Google, we use The tool Ahrefs to get us the best keywords that going to generate the best results with a minimum budget.

Not just that, Ahrefs gives us the difficulty and volume for each keyword so we know what’s the size and the value of the keyword we are targeting. This leads to a better understanding of your target users, and you might be able to predict the size of the market you are running ads.

So make sure your keywords are well-studied and chosen.

Click here to use ahrefs’s Free Tools


Demographics are as important as the ones above. Choosing the locations you are targeting whether it’s a country or City. And before even choosing the locations you want to target you need to have a better understanding of the places your ads will be shown.

For example:

Let’s say you choose the keyword “Google ads campaign” Which is a keyword for agencies or companies that needs people to lunch ads for them, and your location target is “France”. What do you think will happen here?

Let’s break it down for you. The result you are getting is low traffic, slow result, and high cost per click.
I know you will ask why is that. Well, France is a country whose primary language isn’t English, with that being said the population of English speakers is low which means your target is so specific that you won’t benefit anything but high cost.

So be careful! You need to study the countries or cities you want to target and also you need to know a little more about the behavior of the country.


We’ve seen this a lot of times where people are beginners and they try to make Google control their campaign and they do nothing. Guess what? Google Ads Campaign spends 70% of its daily budget in the first 1 hour!

So don’t use this feature and learn how to control your campaign by yourself. Unless you have extra money to burn.


Do you remember how we studied our keywords? Yes, that’s so important that we will need it in this part.

Google Ads gives you an option of choosing maximum bidding for your campaign to not give Google the choice of spending your budget freely, and that causes a high CPC.

Try to choose maximum bidding that will seem budget-saving and also might give a good result to your campaign.


When your campaign is running and starts delivering. Leave it for 3 to 5 days and study the results you got.

All the data you will have now is so valuable to launch a better campaign knowing how much your CPC is and knowing the best locations and keywords that give you the best results.


The next thing you will need to do is make a campaign and make your bidding higher! We call it “scaling your business”.
In this step, it’s important to start making your campaign show up first on the first page of Google search for all the keywords you are targeting by outbidding your competitors. And this is where the fun starts because it’s called “start making real money”.

In the end. Google ads is one of the most important skills you need to learn to scale your business and make convertible and profitable investments in your business.

I chose to share the knowledge that I used to help my clients make millions of dollars in Net profit for their businesses. And now I can help you with these free tips on how to launch a successful Google Ads campaign.

Looking forward to your comments and questions and I will be so happy to answer each one of you.

If you find this content helpful for you don’t hesitate to share it with your friends as I helped share this information with you all.

What do you think is the most important skill to scale your business?

Ismail Touil

Certified marketer and digital marketer.

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